Corpus Christi School
iPad Professional Learning Agenda

Session 1 - Using the iPad for Professional Learning and in a One iPad Classroom

Let's get it started...


  1. Set up gmail.
  2. Look and Feel
  3. The Home button
  4. Swiping up for Control Center
  5. Swiping down for Search
  6. Closing apps
  7. Deleting apps
  8. Adding shortcuts to your Home Screen
  9. Settings
  10. Accessibility
  11. Dictation
  12. Privacy
  13. Sharing/Destination button
  14. Back Channel

Explorers: Explore the iPad Resources and the Explorers pages.

Did you find anything cool? Tell us on the Back Channel:

Built-In Apps

  1. Photos/Videos
  2. PhotoBooth
  3. Screen Shots


  1. Once you are comfortable using photos, photobooth, and creating screen shots, make sure you can edit the pictures and import all into a slide show.

  2. Create a folder and add photos to it in the order that you want your slide show to run.

  3. Then share it with your fellow explorers.

  4. Explore iMovie.

When would you use these tools with your classes? Even when the students do not have iPad?
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  1. ShowMe
  2. Educreations
  3. Explain Everything


  1. Create a teacher account, and create student accounts.

  2. Share the student accounts with your fellow explorers.

  3. Create as students and discover what the teacher sees - and other students see.

How could you use these in your classes - tomorrow?
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  1. FlipBoard
  2. Zite
  3. iTunes U


  1. Use your Twitter account to build a FlipBoard.

  2. Explore Zite by adding categories of interest to you.

  3. Download a course from iTunes U.

Talk to the Text

  1. PDF Reader
  2. Notability


  1. Find a PDF online.

  2. Open it in Notability and PDF Reader. Annotate them.

  3. Email them to your fellow explorers.

  4. Compare the tools.

Why would you use one over the other?
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  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Forms
  3. Google Drive
  4. SkyDrive
  5. Skype


  1. Create similar files in Google Docs/Forms and in SkyDrive.

  2. Add similar objects and formatting to these files.

  3. Share them with each other.

File Management

  1. Drop Box
  2. Google Drive
  3. FileExplorer


  1. Add files to these file management tools.

  2. Open files from them.

How do you see these tools being used when your students have iPads?
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One iPad Classroom

Show of Hands -- shows a survey type question and then the results according to a number of different demographic breakdowns.

Sphere -- formerly TourWrist -- for my World Cultures kids to show them in 360 degrees what certain sites look like (I use it as a sort of quick virtual field trip) and I love that as they hold the iPad and turn around and move the device the view changes. Just take any fold over cover off of the iPad as they can come off when the iPad is being passed from one to another and the iPad gets dropped as a result.


  1. Research apps that take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope on the iPad.

  2. What other apps work well in a one iPad classroom?